Freeform Progressive Lenses

Our market-leading range of freeform progressive lenses provide the perfect optical solution for every patient. Digital Ray-Path technology is based on an advanced three dimensional calculation model that takes into account the position of the lens combined with the natural movements of the human eye across the lens surface. The result is a lens that's more comfortable for the wearer.

Wideview Confidence View PDF Wideview Confidence

WIDEVIEW CONFIDENCE freeform progressive lenses represents the ultimate in truly personalised optics using Digital Ray-Path® technology.

Wideview Zenix View PDF Wideview Zenix

WIDEVIEW ZENIX is ingeniously defined yet fully versatile freeform design available in three distinct corridors.

Wideview Easy View PDF Wideview Easy

The WIDEVIEW EASY lens is a soft freeform design and available in three distinct corridors.

Wideview Entry View PDF Wideview Entry

WIDEVIEW ENTRY offers all the benefits of freeform technology in an entry-level progressive lens.