Single Vision

Jai Kudo Lenses offer a wide variety of ophthalmic lenses to suit all prescriptions and wearer needs. Our Single Vision lenses are available uncoated, hardcoated, with Infinity XT coating, Hydro+ super-hydrophobic coating, Blue Shield or Honeycomb.

Uncut Stock Lenses View PDF Uncut Stock Lenses

We have more than a million lenses in stock within our warehouse in Liverpool, UK including 1.5 CR39 lenses up to -6 cyl and 1.67 Aspheric MR7 up to -4 cyl.

Surfaced Lenses View PDF Surfaced Lenses

Our freeform single vision ophthalmic lenses are more accurate and offer less distortion than a standard stock lens. Available in a number of materials and coatings.