Super-Hydrophobic Multi-AR

Hydro+ has all the benefits of our Infinity XT coating but with a truly remarkable resistance to smudging and smearing. By effectively filling in the gaps that exist naturally between the molecules on the top layer of an AR coating, a completely smooth, flawless surface is created that does not collect dirt or dust particles. 

The extra two layers of Hydro+ include an oleophobic layer to repel oils and a super-hydrophobic layer to repel water. In extensive tests, a lens that has undergone the 12-layer Hydro+ coating has proved to be up to eight times easier to clean.


  • Enhanced UV protection (up to 380nm)
  • Eliminates reflections (front and back)
  • Guaranteed durability
  • Repels grease, grime and dust
  • Ultimate scratch resistance
  • Exceptional clarity due to 99% light transmission
  • Resistance to oils due to the oleophobic layer
  • Water repellent due the super-hydrophobic layer
  • Prolonged lifespan of the lens


The layers of Hydro+ are applied to both sides of the lens. The details of the 12 different layers of Hydro+ are highlighted in the diagram below:

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