two prescriptions. one lens.

We offer a range of bifocal lenses across a selection of material indices. With the combination of two prescriptions in one lens, the bifocal range caters for both distance and reading.

Although progressive lenses are often the lens type of choice now, there will always be more traditional patients, or those with particular visual requirements, who prefer to wear bifocals. Our range offers a wide selection of indices and lens types in D, R and C segments.Ā 

key benefits of bifocal lenses:Ā 

  • Bifocal lenses provide wide visual areasĀ 
  • Two distinct powers in the lens, one for near vision and one for distanceĀ 
  • Three variations – D, R & CĀ 
  • One pair of glasses for distance and reading


  • Patients who suffer from presbyopia
  • Children for myopia control to reduce accommodation, and for pathological reasons (such as cataracts at birth)
  • Patients looking for a wider reading zone


  • Hydro+ coating
  • Blue Shield coating
  • 1.56 Photochromic
  • 1.5 Transitions
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