KUDOS┬« uses the latest virtual reality technology to create a progressive lens designed using the wearer’s gaze dynamics.

The KUDOS® VR Headset intelligently captures the exact way a patient looks at objects and the world around them.  KUDOS® analyses all points and directions of gaze, capturing near, intermediate and distance focal lengths. The outcome is a KUDOS® lens offering wider natural vision, with minimal oblique astigmatism.

KUDOS® technology paves the way in a new era of personalised dispensing.  Conventional methods of BVD, panto and bow are used in conjunction with the unique KUDOS® technology to provide a bespoke progressive lens tailored to each individual.

KUDOS® is suitable for new and existing progressive wearers as it offers a fully personalised dispensing solution.


  • Unique gaze dynamic analysis providing the ultimate tailored lens.
  • 73% sales conversion1KUDOS┬« is a training tool that boosts high-profit progressive sales.
  • Demonstrate to patients – KUDOS┬« Coach is a game changer in simulating progressive lenses to a new or existing wearer.
  • KUDOS┬« Coach┬áis the ultimate training tool for dispensers helping patients make the right choice first time.
  • Huge market potential – 46% of Presbyobes don’t wear progressives.
  • Cost reduction due to a decrease in non-tolerance issues.
  • Improved product mix – Introducing a top-of-the-range product to portfolio.
  • Enhances the experience – KUDOS┬« offers a prestigious and ultra high-tech element to the dispensing experience.
  • Increased footfall – word of mouth will increase footfall in your practice.

1. Partner internal data and order conversions.


KUDOS® learns the gaze dynamics of each wearer.

Once wearing the KUDOS® VR Headset, the virtual experience takes around three minutes.  KUDOS® learns all points and directions of gaze of the wearer.

KUDOS® analyses gaze dynamics with unparalleled precision.

The KUDOS® software produces
the KUDOS┬« Map – three frequency of use heat maps one for each visual range – near, intermediate and distance.

KUDOS® Map creates infinite solutions for infinite users.

The KUDOS® Map produces a 19-digit code which when sent to our lab creates the bespoke progressive lens design for each patient. This ensures optimal
vision with the least amount of oblique astigmatism.

KUDOS® Coach simulates using state-of-the-art technology.

This provides users with an immersive experience comparable to wearing progressives, bifocals or single vision lenses in real life.


KUDOS® is a registered trademark in the UK in the name of Daniel Matthew Thorn and James Gary Conway

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