See the future at 100% Optical

100% Optical 2024 is just around the corner and as you walk through the entrance tunnel on arrival, you’ll get your first glimpse of KUDOS®. Make your way over to Stand W100 to learn more.


Step into the future of personalised progressives with Jai Kudo Lenses at MIDO in Milan! Our stand at Hall 4, Stand C16-18 is buzzing with anticipation as we prepare to showcase our latest innovations and unveil the extraordinary KUDOS immersive optical experience.

Shining a Light on Headlight Glare: How Honeycomb Coating Illuminates Your Drive

In the age of advanced automotive technology, LED headlights have become a common sight on the roads, promising enhanced visibility for drivers. However, a recent survey conducted by the RAC reveals a startling statistic – almost nine-in-10 (89%) of drivers have found the headlights of cars on the road today are too bright and cause glare issues. As we navigate the dazzling glow on our nightly drives, it's crucial to find solutions that not only address this issue but also prioritise safety and comfort. Enter Jai Kudo's Honeycomb lenses, a breakthrough in eyewear technology designed to mitigate glare and elevate the driving experience.

Customer Review – Honeycomb Lenses

Phil Broeders from Specs2U offers their experiences with Honeycomb lenses. We initially used the Honeycomb lens for customers struggling with night driving issues (generally for glare reduction).  However, given how…

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