Every frame in the RIMLESS TECH collection features a silicone band around the lens rim, not only adding a pop of colour, but defining the shape of the lens too.

Using innovative screwless technology, each RIMLESS TECH model has been designed with lightweight titanium material, silicone temple tips and riveted temple heads.

Shaped by the forces of nature, our inspiration is drawn from the iconic landscapes of Iceland. From the dancing Aurora Borealis to turquoise blue glaciers, through to the vast volcanic deserts and staggering waterfalls.


Reykjavik Eyes RIMLESS TECH is a specialist eyewear collection developed in collaboration with Jai Kudo Lenses. This partnership harnesses the expertise of Jai Kudo Lenses to craft and glaze the RIMLESS TECH product to an extremely high level. Giving you the confidence to know your glazed RIMLESS TECH frame will be returned in the best condition.

Order your RIMLESS TECH frame as part of a Glazed Package here, or download our order form. 

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