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Phil Broeders from Specs2U offers their experiences with Honeycomb lenses.

We initially used the Honeycomb lens for customers struggling with night driving issues (generally for glare reduction).  However, given how the lens works we thought we would trial the lens with a couple of customers who suffered from migraines and severe headaches (especially those in a work environment with poor lighting or using computers on a frequent and prolonged basis). We found they had significantly reduced incidence of symptoms when using the lens.

Given these successful trials, we then tried the lens on customers with reading issues (generally medium to severe dyslexia) and found that the feedback was generally favourable – customers found that the movement of letters and numbers when reading was reduced and that reading was easier when using the Honeycomb lens.  This included children diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome who found the lens to perform as well as their coloured lenses in terms of reading.

The Honeycomb lens has become our ‘go to’ lens for addressing many optical issues – even for sportspeople who feel they need a touch more accuracy in their vision.

By Phil Broeders, Specs2U


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