Shining a Light on Headlight Glare: How Honeycomb Coating Illuminates Your Drive

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In the age of advanced automotive technology, LED headlights have become a common sight on the roads, promising enhanced visibility for drivers. However, a recent survey conducted by the RAC reveals a startling statistic ‚Äď almost nine-in-10 (89%) of drivers have found the headlights of cars on the road today are too bright and cause glare issues. As we navigate the dazzling glow on our nightly drives, it’s crucial to find solutions that not only address this issue but also prioritise safety and comfort. Enter Jai Kudo Lenses’ Honeycomb coating, a breakthrough in eyewear technology designed to mitigate glare and elevate the driving experience.¬†

The Glaring Issue 

Headlight glare is more than just an inconvenience; it poses a real threat to road safety. With the widespread adoption of LED headlights, over two-thirds of drivers surveyed are having to slow down considerably, impacting their ability to see clearly and react swiftly to changes on the road. The RAC survey underscores the urgency of addressing this pervasive problem and has called on Government to conduct more research into this. However, for those who wear glasses to drive there is an effective and practical solution. 


Enter Jai Kudo Lenses’¬†Honeycomb¬†coating for lenses ‚Äď a game-changer for those who suffer from glare in both high and low light settings. Designed to improve vision and reduce fatigue, this¬†Honeycomb¬†coating is applied to a lens surface creating a matrix of hexagonal cells. Inspired by nature, this coating has been engineered to distribute light more evenly helping you to see more clearly and comfortably, ensuring clear and comfortable vision for drivers, day or night.¬†


What sets the Honeycomb coated lenses apart is their proven track record in reducing fatigue and eye glare. Backed by testing and positive user experiences, this coating has anti-reflective qualities to virtually eliminate reflections on lens surfaces. Under normal conditions Honeycomb coating appears completely clear, you will only see the design under very close inspection or when the lens becomes misted. 

As we continue to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of automotive technology, it’s essential to address the challenges that come with it. Jai Kudo Lenses’¬†Honeycomb¬†coating stands as a beacon of innovation, offering drivers a clear vision amidst the glaring lights. Don’t let headlight glare compromise the safety of your patients ‚Äď make the switch to¬†Honeycomb¬†and support them in driving with confidence. Better yet, why not try combining our¬†Drivesense¬†lenses with¬†Honeycomb¬†coating for the ultimate driving specs?¬†

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